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Introduction of Beijing Anzone Consulting Ltd.


Beijing Anzone Consulting Ltd.(ACL) takes professional media as the core, based on a team of experts, and relies on the Intellectual Property Economy Development Research Center, integrating media, research reports, consulting, training, public relations and other service models. It works together to create and integrate a media platform for IP Economy including bimonthly Journal, IP Economic Website, WeChat public account, Weibo, offline activities and other carriers.

Main Personnel In-charge



With 11 years of professional experience in IP media and management, Li Xue founded and produced the first IP video law popularisation column "IP Observer” in China; she also established "China IP Judge Forum" and "China IP Forum of Practical Issuse" and other offline activities.

Products and Services



“Tech·IP Economy” Journal
Targeting practitioners as the main audience, the “IP Economy” is a specialised journal that focuses on issues related to IP protection, business development and economic growth of China. It is an important original paper publication of Beijing Anzone Consulting Ltd..The journal explores frontier issues in the IP field from the perspectives of economic analysis, financial management and other disciplines, and it builds a professional platform for scholars, practitioners and government regulators with the goal to help promote innovation protection, understand industrial trend and foster economics development.



IP Economy Official Website
IP Economy official website “www.ipeconomy.cn” is the industrial’s new media platform built by Beijing Anzone Consulting Ltd.. It integrates “industry dynamics”, “Expert Reviews”, “Original Analysis ”,“in-depth planning” and other aspects. It also aims to become a comprehensive platform for industry information and original magazine. 




IP Economy Channel
“IP Economy Channel” contains two parts of “IP Economy Perspectives” and “Dialogue” video columns. It is also one of the most important product of Beijing Anzone Consulting Ltd.. The “IP Economy Perspectives” mainly focuses on popular topics of IP and Economy, presenting a simple and easy-to-understand conversation form to the netizen, making IP rights easier to understand and making economic analysis clear. The “Dialogue” is a form of interview column, which is built as a communication platform to have conversations with important figures in the IP industry, economic academia, and industry circle.



IP Economy Research Center
The IP Economy Research Centre was built by Beijing Anzone Consulting Ltd., relying on  “IP Economy ” magazine and Video column. Having an expert consultant team composed by IP experts and innovation economists, it guides the industry to pay attention to the future development of the IP economy and make suggestions for industrial IP economic reports through the form of videos and articles.